About Us

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Kasi Martin

Head of Creative / Cultivator of Consumer Community

Kasi is a writer, wardrobe stylist, vintage curator, and activist on a mission to make fashion less...bad. She founded The Peahen, a destination that merges high-fashion aesthetics with truth-telling, where she features ethical and sustainable brands and writes guides for thoughtful consumers.

Kasi has a least six ideas before breakfast every day, which, admittedly, make her late to very important dates. She also owns up to being half a hippie.

When she’s not in the fashion bubble, she’s penning poems.

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Jen Lewis

Head of Business / Builder of Brand Community

Jen Lewis is the Founder + Executive Director of Purse & Clutch, an ethical fashion brand working to create sustainable jobs for men and women in developing countries - starting from the raw materials and ending with you carrying the most beautiful bag in the room.

She has a degree in Chemistry, a Master’s degree in Leadership and Ethics, and enjoys vegetable gardening from seeds despite mixed results.